Sheet Protectors

Sheet protectors are a very simple invention.  It uses plastic to create a pocket that will protect your loose leaf papers and even let you organize them in ring binders.  It might not be a revolutionary invention but it does have its positive effects, especially in the stationery world.  Today there are all sorts of sheet protectors available on the market.  They can be made from different materials to offer various textures, durability and even visibility. We,, are sheet protector enthusiasts – both as consumers and manufacturers.  As consumers we appreciate the simple fact that we can use sheet protectors to help protect and preserve important or memorable items – these can be school or work documents, collectibles like newspapers cuttings or journals, and even things like photographs.  As manufacturers, we enjoy creating the product as much as consumers use it.  We spend time to make sure the details are right.  For example something as simple as measurements, we make sure are correct so that the paper fits into the sheet protector perfectly.  More complicated aspects like texture, durability and visibility we also take time to refine and try to improve.

As enthusiasts, we want to use as a platform to share our knowledge of sheet protectors to others and hope they learn to appreciate sheet protectors as much as we do.  We will educate you on the history of sheet protectors so you will learn what the first sheet protectors were like, and how they are different today.  We will also share with you things like different material types, different brands, how to choose the right sheet protectors, and etc.  We will also update you on any industry news. 

So please take some time to browse our website.  We hope you find the information useful.